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Lawsuit to be filed against governor after medical cannabis compromise bill passed – KUTV 2News

Offices of Salt Lake City attorney Rocky Anderson working on lawsuit against Utah Governor Gary Herbert for compromise bill passed to replace Proposition 2. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — The medical cannabis compromise bill is now law but the fight is not over yet.

KUTV has learned a lawsuit will be filed against Governor Gary Herbert and, possibly as early as Tuesday night.

Attorney Rocky Anderson said he’s working on the lawsuit against the medical cannabis bill the governor signed Monday night.

“Right now, I can’t use. I mean, it’s illegal for me to use.” Christine Stenquist is part of the lawsuit about to be filed by Anderson. “With Prop 2, I was legal on Saturday night and was using legally on Saturday and Sunday.”

Stenquist says she has a brain tumor, and has debilitating pain. “I hit a point where I couldn’t do any more opiates or I would risk losing my life,” she said.

Can the legislature just come along with an arrogant abusive of its power and wipe that out? Anderson said of Prop 2 what people voted on during the election. “You can’t have the legislature just come along the first day possible after the effective date of that legislation and say we know better,” he said.

He said he’s been working day and night drafting the lawsuit trying to put Prop 2 back in place.

“When you undermine the central purposes of an initiative, that’s a constitutional problem. That wipes out the people’s constitutional rights,” he said.

He said not only were voter’s rights violated, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had too much influence. “No church is to be able to control or interfere with the functions of government.”

Anderson is representing Stenquist- and several other clients including Doug Rice, TRUCE (Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education), and the Epilepsy Association of Utah.

“I think there’s thousands of people in Utah who are screaming the same thing. ‘Hey, we voted. We want our voice, and our voice to be honored,’” said Stenquist.

Anderson said this is a complicated lawsuit because of how in-depth the medical cannabis replacement law is at more than 200 pages.

So, he doesn’t have an exact timeframe on when the lawsuit will be filed,

“This wasn’t a compromise. It was basically saying we are going to do what the opponents to Proposition 2 want us to do,” he said.

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