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Aevolve ICO (AVEX Token): Blockchain Medical Science Financing Platform? – Bitcoin Exchange Guide

What Is Aevolve?

Aevolve is a health tech company based in Zurich that uses AVEX, its own token, to support breakthroughs in medical science. It connects medical innovators directly to conduct research, development, and commercial medical solutions for patients worldwide. AEVOLVE aims at creating a source of capital needed for drug development and regulation through a decentralized financing.

Patients can participate directly and create a source of capital, which can be used by research companies and innovators to provide medical solutions. AEVOLVE has designed a platform called BioSpheres that will help to decentralize financing.

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Understanding BIOSPHERES

Biospheres are composed of a crypto based exchange and a marketing engine that is highly financed and designed for global reach. Spheres are a smart contract based within BioSpheres and allow innovators to access capital through blockchain. Innovators have a platform that brings awareness to their projects and addresses the three stages of innovation. The early stage is addressed by Grant Spheres. Then there is the Mid stage, which is also the pre-regulatory approval stage. In this stage individuals invest through a security token called Investment Spheres.

The third stage is the host approval stage. In this stage, the products are tokenized and can be bought using the AVEX token. Pre-selling of the products by the companies helps raise capital. A patient holding Spheres on the products can redeem them for treatments, services, or the products. Patients can use this platform as an educational resource on products of interest. They can also invest financially and be the first to get access to said medical solutions. In the end, doctors and scientists have a platform to gain income for reviewing and commenting on medical projects. This could be the largest network of peer reviews worldwide.

Aevolve Embracing Blockchain

The blockchain platform gives an access to previously excluded individuals for participation. These include the uninsured and others that have been previously shut out by the system. The contracts are censorship resistant and offer transparency and assurance so that the ecosystem thrives.

Patients are able to make empowered decisions by choosing from a variety of medical treatments and solutions any time anywhere. The platform offers new users and token purchasers the access to medical care. Innovative projects help save more lives worldwide through faster distribution. The blockchain provides tangible products with a strong token seamlessly through Sphere. The token is available in its digital form, making it easy to use, store, and transfer.

Easy Access To Medical Solutions

Biospheres give patients the access to medical solutions and matches patient needs to healthcare solutions. It creates digital assets that are unique to innovators and service providers. Biospheres help pick out worthwhile projects to support. It provides a wealth of information and research. The platform enables interaction of patients and providers, which is unprecedented.

Aevolve AVEX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: AVEX
  • Token Sale Date: TBA
  • Token Price:
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, USD
  • Total Supply: 1,210,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20

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