This new Alexa skill will play music generated by artificial intelligence

A new Alexa skill has popped up called DeepMusic that enables you to listen to songs generated by artificial intelligence, as spotted by Music Ally.

Per the official page on Amazon, the songs generated by DeepMusic are composed entirely from AI. However, it also says that it “us[es] a collection of audio samples and a deep recurrent neural network,” suggesting that it either a) has samples of individual notes from instruments or b) splices together or layers snippets of sampled audio the algorithm believes will work well together. DeepMusic says that the music it creates has “no post-production editing by a human.” AI was also used to create the DeepMusic artwork displayed on the Echo Show and Echo Spot speakers.

Once the DeepMusic skill is enabled for Alexa, all you have to do is say “Alexa, ask DeepMusic to play a song,” “Alexa, tell DeepMusic to play audio,” or “Alexa, ask DeepMusic to start the music,” to hear an AI-generated song. When I tested it out, DeepMusic played a piano song called “We Shall Sail,” and while it technically stayed within traditional musical rules, it definitely had a robotic quality. This sounded like it was made by AI. It was stilted, certain notes would repeat mechanically, and sometimes, a stray note or chord would play that was brashly out of key.

Despite the limitations, it’s still pretty novel and reviewers on Amazon say they find the music relaxing and strangely familiar at times. DeepMusic isn’t generating anything Grammy-worthy, but the idea of having your virtual assistant play AI-created songs is intriguing all the same.

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