'This Is Us' Recap: Toby & Kate Get Married & A Flash Forward Features Shocking Reveals

Toby and Kate got hitched on the ‘This Is Us’ season 2 finale, but a flash forward dropped some serious bombshells. What the heck happened?!

The This Is Us finale starts off with what could have been. If Jack hadn’t died the night of the house fire, he and Rebecca could have been celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and renewing their vows. But life is cruel and unfair sometimes. Instead, Kate is preparing for her wedding day without her father. Kate and Toby’s nuptials are taking place at the family cabin. Toby knows their wedding day isn’t going to be a perfect day since Jack isn’t around, but he pleads with her not to Runaway Bride him. She promises that she’s not going to do anything of the sort and gifts him a Leslie Nielsen bow tie. Kate thanks him for going with the flow as she makes some questionable wedding decisions, including having Jack’s urn next to the guest book.

Randall and Kevin are helping with the wedding planning, and Kevin is in full control mode. Kate asks Kevin if their dad would have been OK with the wedding being at the cabin. “Dad would have loved it,” Kevin assures Kate. Meanwhile, Randall’s handling the gift bags and Deja’s attitude. Something switched in Deja when her mom said she wanted to terminate all parental rights. Deja has every right to be angry, but Randall and Beth are putting a roof over her head.

Rebecca is stressing over what to wear to the wedding. She doesn’t want to wear anything that might make Kate feel upstaged. “Tomorrow is her wedding day, and I feel like I am this walking reminder of Jack. He’s the one that she lost, and I’m the one that she got stuck with,” Rebecca tells Miguel. Miguel is sweet and reminds her that at least she’s not him. “If anyone is a walking reminder of Jack, it’s me,” he says. Touche.

Kate starts freaking out when she can’t find Jack’s Daytona t-shirt. The shirt was going to be her something old. Toby forgot to pack it. Randall and Kevin tell Kate that they can easily find something else of Jack’s to use. Beth’s cousin, Zoe, is photographing the wedding. She offers to talk to Deja for Beth. Zoe reveals that she was dumped by her mom when she was 7 or 8 years old. Beth’s parents raised her. She advises Deja that it’s not worth it to hate the people who love you. Deja comes around after Zoe’s talk.

Letting Go

It’s wedding day! Kate decides at the last minute to go to an ice cream shop she and her dad used to go to. She wants to get the banana pudding flavor, Jack’s favorite, to serve at the wedding. The old ice cream shop has been sold and revamped, so the flavor is gone. When it starts getting down to the wire, Randall and Kevin go to find Kate. On their way, they both realize they should have been there more for Kate over the years.

Toby’s parents stop by his room and reveal their concerns about Kate. They call her “unstable.” They talk about how he was severely depressed after his first marriage broke down. His parents don’t want to see Toby get so low again. Toby tells them off and promises them that Kate is the one for him.

Kate calls Rebecca and tells her mom about her wedding dream. The dream is way it was supposed to be. Thanks to Rebecca, Kate realizes that Toby’s not in the dream. She hangs up and takes Jack’s urn to their favorite tree stump. She tells her dad that she has to let go a little now to make room for Toby. It’s not shown, but does she dump Jack’s ashes? That’s not really her choice to make, right?

Kate and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart before wedding. Kate reveals that their relationship has been so complicated because she has only ever wanted to be like Rebecca. She’s always wanted a marriage like Rebecca’s. She’s always wanted to be a mother like Rebecca. She’s always wanted to be a singer like Rebecca. “You are not in my way,” Kate says. “You are my way.”

What Happened?!

At the wedding, Kate remembers a conversation she had with her father long ago. Kate asked her father if she could marry him. “One day, a long time from now, you’re going to meet someone who is better than me,” Jack said. “He’s going to be stronger and handsomer and even better at board games than me. And when you find him, when you find that guy, that’s the guy you’re going to marry.”

Toby’s that guy. As Kate walks down the aisle, she carries her dad’s screwdriver in her bouquet. Kevin makes a toast at the reception. After nearly two decades of holding their breath after Jack’s death, it’s time to let go. All four of the Pearsons let out a huge breath. Randall makes a sweet toast as well. He talks about the future, which gives us a glimpse at what’s to come.

A year from now, Kevin and Zoe are together and going to Vietnam. Kevin is staring at a photo of his dad in the army. Toby is severely depressed, and Kate is trying to help him. During this flash forward, we learn that Deja smashed Randall’s beloved car at the wedding after Toby’s mom made it seem like Randall was her father and caused her mother to leave. The show flashes forward even more into the future to when Tess is an adult. “It’s time to go see her, Tess,” older Randall says to his daughter. “I’m not ready,” Tess tells her dad. Randall replies, “Me neither.” What happened?! Does this have to deal with Deja? Probably. Where is Beth? Where is Annie? Is everyone OK?! This Is Us just left fans hanging big time.

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