Small town restaurant's cheesecake generating some buzz

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
(News 12 This Morning)

MILLEN, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — For a lot of us Millen, Georgia, is a small town we pass on the way from Augusta to Savannah, but one restaurant there is generating a ton of buzz.

Sometimes, it’s okay to start small. Honey Cafe and Catering owner Lazar Oglesby understands that. “From a little five table place in the back of a flower shop downtown, we’ve grown over to a 100 seats and our own stand alone building,” she says.

When Lazar started her business they were just a catering company, but too many people were buzzing about their food. So she started serving up some lunch.

Now, the food is great and all but Lazar says their claim to fame is their cheesecake. She says, “I used to cook them out of my home, I used to cook like four cheesecakes at a time, it took five hours to bake and now we’re making anywhere between 30 to 60 a day.”

Six years later, they’ve blossomed into a hometown favorite. Mary Beth Brown, Lazar’s sister, is a manager at Honey Cafe & Catering. She moved away to work at a Ritz Carlton in Florida.

She brought all that experience back home to help her sister out with her blooming business. Mary Beth says her experience away from home has come in handy, but there’s no place like home. She says, “It makes you appreciate where you came from and your roots.”

Lazar and Mary Beth grew up on the Jenkins County line and say they’re family and friends really shaped their business. They say Millen might be small but there is no place they would rather be.

Lazar says, “We just want to support our local community our local farmers and just bring everybody in on this whole thing because they’ve supported us for many years.”

This support has gone a long way. They’ve been named Finalist for the Flavor of Georgia, in the Miscellaneous category.

Their Savory Pimento Cheese Cheesecake will go before the judges later on this month.

They hope to bring home first place for their small town. Lazar says, “We’re super excited we just want to show people what we’re doing here in Millen in a small town. We just want to represent our area and make folks proud and show them we’re doing big things in Millen, Georgia.”

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