Photos Of Becca's First Night As Bachelorette Show That Her Journey Is Off To An Exciting Start

Guard any and all prized rose gardens, because boutonniere season, er, Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette is upon us. On Thursday, May 17, ABC shared a pile of photos from Becca’s first night as Bachelorette, and it looks like this season starts things off on a thrilling note. Unlike, say, the finale of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, there seem to be a lot of smiles and smooches and shenanigans on Becca’s season premiere. The good kind of shenanigans, not surprise-you-with-a-breakup-on-national-TV shenanigans.

Of course, there’s probably some drama on the first night; it wouldn’t be a limo arrival episode of The Bachelorette without contestants arguing about “Can I steal you away for a second?” etiquette or someone making it pretty clear that they’re here for the get-on-reality-TV reasons. But hey, as long as there’s cake and chicken suits, all is well.

This is not Bachelor Nation’s first glimpse of the upcoming season. Back in March, series creator Mike Fleiss tweeted a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures he took on the evening of the limo arrivals. (He also tweeted a double take-inducing picture of Nick Viall from Andie Dorfman’s season that almost sent Bachelor Nation into a frenzy.) And last week, ABC released a teaser trailer for the season that highlights some of the contestants’ entrances.

And now we have even more photographs of Becca’s maiden voyage as the Bachelorette. Here is what can be gleaned from the latest series of pics.

Becca May Or May Not Do The Chicken Dance…

Paul Hebert/ABC

There Is A One-Handed Slam Dunk

Paul Hebert/ABC

This limo entrance dunks on all of the other limo entrances.

The Cardboard Cutout of Arie Can Stand On Its Own

Paul Hebert/ABC

Will this cardboard cutout of Arie be the Adam Jr. of this season? One can only hope. May we get so many bizarre post-credit sequences where the cardboard cutout “talks” directly into the camera (i.e., someone offscreen does their best Arie impression). It would be great to hear the cardboard cutout of Arie react to each week’s amazing moments.

There Is At Least One Smooch

Paul Hebert/ABC

Yes. Let those sparks fly, Becca.

There Is A Not-Horse

Paul Hebert/ABC

Season after season, contestants eschew the limo ride in favor of a horse ride. Not this guy. This guy moseyed on up to the Bachelor Mansion atop a bull. He will almost certainly make a joke about being here to avoid the B.S. and take love by the horns. That, or he’ll take a page out of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s book and tell Becca he’s horny for the right reasons.

There Is Cake

Paul Hebert/ABC

One particularly thoughtful contestant brought Becca a piece of cake. Who doesn’t love cake? Especially after a long day of filming?

And hey, if you’re going to get cutesy with the cake eating technique, linking arms isn’t the worst move. It beats accidentally jamming silverware into each other’s teeth while trying to feed one another.

There Is An Homage To ‘The Matrix’

Paul Hebert/ABC

Or maybe they’re dancing? *Stares at photo for 30 seconds.* Nope, they’re definitely pretending they are in the Matrix.

There Is A Minivan

Paul Hebert/ABC

Did he miss his limo pickup?

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait to hear the story behind the minivan (assuming he shares the story and/or some bonkers puns). Get ready to see all of the van-derful limo entrances when Becca’s season of The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 28.

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