Amazon Prime Day Is Monday. Ready for New Beauty?


Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off on Monday, July 16 at 3 p.m. EDT, but as many of us steadfast Prime members know, great deals are already available—including some exclusive beauty finds.

That’s right; the ultimate online marketplace is making a big push on beauty this year, with four established brands—Tarte, No B.S., and K-beauty brands Peripera and COSRX—offering exclusive Amazon deals and products, fueling our fever for Monday’s blowouts (and don’t forget that free two-day shipping!).

We got the scoop on one new cosmetic brand collaborating with Amazon to launch a shop-in-shop: Undone Beauty is a female-helmed brand that is tailor-made for those of us who already spend way too much time online, hoping to take the angst out of online beauty shopping with functional, easy-to-use formulas. The brand has even cast “real women” (read: not all high-fashion model sized, not all white, not one age range, etc.) as the un-retouched faces of their launch, to show how the products translate on women with relatable faces—and lives.

Screenshot: Undone Beauty


The 27-product offering on Amazon includes products for the entire face, including a range of moisturizing tints, concealers, eyeshadow palettes, brushes and a lip-to-cheek cream, based on natural ingredients like coconut and castor oil. Through July 18, prices range from $3.50 (for a lipgloss) to $25.90 (for a lipgloss and full 4-brush set), making it a great time to try out these cruelty-free cosmetics.

Image: Undone Beauty

What are we really curious to try? Undone’s Multi-Dimensional Holographic Mascara ($8, now $5.60), which promises to give lashes an extra boost with reflective pigments—and no dried-out, wasted product in the tube!

Undone Beauty

Needless to say, checking out these products will be our easiest Amazon splurge, as we can try out pretty much everything for under $100. And that sounds prime for the picking.

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